Integrate UpSignOn to keep in touch with your customers!

Stay in touch with all your users, and banish missed opportunities due to outdated profile data, a laborious user experience upon account creation, or a simple forgotten password!

Link to the technical documentation

Your users will love it...

  • stopping wasting time filling your forms (account creation, subscription, memberships, fidelity card...)
  • not having to remember their password for your website any more
  • being able to connect to your website with 2 clicks, the first time
  • our values to respect privacy, eco-friendlyness, e-inclusion

Your business developers will love it...

  • improving the user experience and accessibility of your website
  • acquiring new customers / users
  • improving contactability of all your customers / users by decreasing your database obsolescence and above all decreasing drastically the costs associated to the data obsolescence
  • finding the customers / users trust back concerning their personal data and account security
  • easing collaboration with your partners by offering a universal mechanism for authentication without having to create a common platform

Your information and security services will love it...

  • securing the connections of your users and making phishing impossible
  • easiness and low cost of integrating the solution
  • the autonomous operation of the app, with no central authority, hence no "Single Point Of Failure" risk

Competitive subscription without commitment

  • Fixed price by url depending on the number of users in your database
  • Starting at 100€ / month exclusive of taxes (Association? Startup that just launched? Contact-us...)
  • Button integration without questioning your infrastructure or current projects
  • Personalized definition of the button's parameters and user fields to connect