With UpSignOn PRO, your teams will love to strengthen their passwords!

Offer your teams a new way to connect to your company's services. Have your most strict security rules enforced easily and banish passwords written on keyboard backs.

Our "password manager" is an alternative to enterprise SSOs: more powerful than a password managere, easier to install than a SSO, while avoiding the single account pitfall and guaranteeing a security level that is at least as strong if not more.

Ease of use serving security.

Your IS security manager will love it!

  • Use of random & unique passwords for all your coworkers
  • Avoiding session sharing on shared devices
  • Securing your coworkers log-ins and making phishing impossible
  • Easiness and low cost for deploying the solution
  • Autonomous, configurable and internally osted operation.

But above all, your coworkers will love it!

  • Easily recording and keeping handy their credentials and other codes on their authorized devices
  • Seemlessly generating and renewing strong and unique passwords
  • Easily sharing codes and credentials in common with collegues

Also integrate our button for even more security and simplicity!

Target the editors of software your use and put us in touch in order to deploy with them our dedicated UpSignOn PRO protocol and our "Confidential connection" button:

  • One-click log-in that prevents typing errors
  • Automatic renewing of passwords for all coworkers
  • Two-factor authentication by design (device & user are authorized)
  • Gradual adoption: UpSignOn keeps working as a password manager for services that still don't have the button integrated

How does it work?

On the coworkers side

Your coworkers download our UpSignOn app for free, available on main mobile and desktop platforms. Then, they connect to their PRO environment while keeping using the intuitive UpSignOn user interface.

Contrary to a personal environment, user data is not kept locally on his devices, but centralized on one of your company's servers. It nevertheless remains end-to-end encrypted. Besides, more strict security rules are applied to the PRO environment.

As in its standard version, the app allows generaing and recording strong and unique passwords for each service to which your coworkers log-in.

This way, on a pro device for which personal usage is also allowed, the app can host a personal environment as well as connect to as PRO environment.

On the IS side

You need to internally host a server and a database to keep the encrypted PRO environments of your coworkers. You can manage the access rights for each user, device per device. UpSignOn takes care of enforcing your password renewal policy by your coworkers.

How to subscribe to UpSignOn PRO?

Yearly subscription

  • Fixed price depending on the number of coworkers in your organization
  • 12-month renewable contrat
  • No installation fees
  • Starting at 100€ / month exclusive of taxes

Contact-us! contact@upsignon.eu