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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the answers to the main questions about how UpSignOn works in the Pro. and Perso. versions.
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UpSignOn Pro.
With UpSignOn Pro., ALL your employees have an individual and confidential safe to easily and securely store the passwords they use for their professional activities.
The content of each safe is encrypted from the application and the data is only stored in encrypted form on your ON PREMISE server: no one other than the owner of the safe can decrypt the content.
However, each password saved by the employee is evaluated in the application in order to validate that it is unique and strong enough. This indication also simply allows everyone to strengthen passwords that are not strong enough, for example by using the password generator integrated into the UpSignOn application.
This indication is sent to the control console and allows you to detect if there are still passwords deemed too weak within your user base. You thus have the possibility of accompanying the people concerned by the use of passwords that are too weak without ever knowing their secrets!
"Use strong and different passwords for each account..."
If the rule is now well known, it remains impossible to respect for a good part of your employees, especially if it is required to renew them regularly (often the only weapon of the CISO against abuses on the use of passwords) .
In the current context, it is no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye: without a tool to help them, either they use the same password everywhere (and even beyond the professional life), or they write them down on unsecured (notebook, plain text file... even under the keyboard or mouse pad).
With UpSignOn Pro., each employee (including the most cyber-fragile among them) has a simple and practical tool to memorize their connection identifiers and other secret codes, accessible from their various devices:
- generate and remember strong and unique passwords
- easily and securely share those of common use
- automatically fill in login/password fields on different browsers
The end of the hassle for users, the end of worries for the CISO!
With the UpSignOn Pro. solution, you offer an individual and confidential safe to each of your employees to secure and strengthen their passwords and other secret codes. But you also give them the option to create a safe for their personal uses.
If these different spaces are actually accessible by the same application and benefit from the same interface, they operate in a totally separate way, without any collusion between the two. And as an employer you are in no way involved in the management and/or operation of the UpSignOn Perso spaces.

The main difference between a Pro space. and a Personal space. is where the data is stored. In both cases, they are end-to-end encrypted and stored only with the person responsible for them (no cloud, no data outsourcing), but this responsibility differs: for professional use, the identifiers that you entrust to your collaborators are only stored on a server of your choice (nothing is stored on the different devices). On the other hand, no data from the Personal space. circulates on your systems, everything being kept only locally on the different synchronized devices.
Yes without difficulty. You have control over the email addresses authorized to create and store an UpSignOn Pro safe. on your server. Service providers, partners, customers... permanently or only temporarily... managing and sharing identifiers in complete security has never been easier.
The password "P@$$w0rd!" meets all these criteria but is however absolutely not secure, because it is one of the first passwords that people try to try to enter your account without your authorization. This proves that these rules are not strictly sufficient.

UpSignOn goes further in evaluating your password, from the most commonly used ones to recognizing keyboard patterns and classic substitutions to intelligently assess the real resistance of a password against a hacker.

But to generate a strong password without the hassle, the easiest way is certainly to use UpSignOn password generator!
UpSignOn Perso.
The main difference between a Pro space. and a Personal space. is where the data is stored.
In both cases, they are end-to-end encrypted and stored only with the person responsible for them (no cloud, no data outsourcing), but this responsibility differs:
- for personal use, you are solely responsible for your identifiers and your data is only kept on your devices
- for professional use, it is your employer who entrusts you with identifiers to access your various business tools and this data is only stored on a server of his choice (nothing is kept on the devices).
Your data is only stored on your device, and nowhere else. In case it is lost/stolen/broken, then you have
three ways to recover your data:

. from another of your previously synchronized devices (just revoke the offending device and synchronize the new one in case of replacement)

. from a backup with one of your trusted contacts who is also an UpSignOn user with whom you have set up a backup (see "Menu / Data backup options")

. from a copy of your space that you manage manually (see "Menu / Other settings and features / Export my passwords")
No one but you can read your data; they are only accessible from your synchronized devices: to access them, you must both have physical access to your device and be able to unlock it. And if you also lock your Personal space. with a password (which we strongly recommend as soon as you are comfortable enough), then this represents a third barrier to cross.
Actually, your data does pass through our server, but only temporarily and fully encrypted. They are stored there until your devices are all updated, but we do not keep them beyond these exchanges; as soon as all your devices have retrieved them, they are deleted from the server. Most of the time, there is therefore no data stored on the server. In addition, only new data (created or modified) is transmitted: by synchronizing your devices, you only send data that changes to the server (except in the case of pairing a new device where you send course all data). Finally, of course, all these exchanges are fully encrypted and the encryption key is only known to your devices (end-to-end encryption). We ourselves are completely incapable of deciphering them, by design.
Your trusted contacts only have access to the identifiers that you share with them. By adding one of your relatives as a trusted contact, you create a secure and reciprocal exchange channel between your Personal space. and his own, but without sharing any data by default. You must explicitly choose an account in your list of identifiers and passwords in order to share only this one with your trusted contact. And even in the event that you choose to set up a backup of your Personal space. with a trusted contact (which we strongly recommend you do as soon as possible), then the latter is only storing encrypted data that only you will be able to decipher.