The founders manifesto

We all create a lot of accounts on the web. When people are asked, most of them think they have around twenty. Use UpSignOn to centralize your accounts and you will surprised to see that reality is more around a hundred! In fact,we no longer know who knows what about us. At each account creation, the same pieces of data are asked from us. In particular our password, which we reuse everywhere depsite clear advice not to.

Offering the best possible user experience

Everyone votes for more security and privacy, but only provided that this is easy. That is why we design UpSignOn by focusing primarily on the users' needs.

Guaranteeing a faultless security level

We do believe however that the app's security must be a prerequisite, an obviousness. Our users type in sensitive data in UpSignOn, so making it secure is a major stake. The best way to secure your data is simply to not have any access to it ourselves. The data you add in UpSignOn is only stored on your devices and is encrypted. Your are the only person that can read it.

Protecting privacy to protect democracy

Data means privacy. This is a core topic in our reflection. The massive collection of personal data ultimately poses a problem for democracy. Indeed, and this is the challenge of advertising, the main purpose of these personal data is to acquire a power of influence. The more this power of influence grows, the more our freedom diminishes. We are therefore committed with UpSignOn to always remain exemplary in terms of respect for privacy.

Thinking win-win

We firmly believe that the best way to act for the improvement of the web in general is to make it a win-win situation for all parties. UpSignOn's strength lies in this partnership between sites or applications and their users.

Fostering e-inclusion: the web for all

UpSignOn removes the constraints posed by the authentication steps, necessary of course, but tedious. By enabling sites/apps and their users to automate the management of profile data and passwords, UpSignOn provides a simple and secure user experience that leaves no one out. UpSignOn thus contributes to making the web more inclusive.

Integration thinking for sustainable digital

By trying to limit the use of servers as much as possible, our design proves to be very energy efficient. We will of course continue to design UpSignOn in this direction. We believe that any digital project today must include a reflection on performance and energy consumption.

Gireg & Paul, cofounders

The little story of dataSmine

Yes, our startup is called dataSmine and not UpSignOn. Paul creates the company dataSmine in Toulouse in april 2019. Independently and at the same time, Gireg starts developing the UpSignOn application from Paris. With the help of a few bottles at sea and a bit of luck, we end up meeting each other. We discover that we have pretty much the same project and that we are totally aligned with the values we want to defend and with our mission. So we decide to join forces. We kept both names, and both cities.


To contact us:

Winner of the smart city call to projects of Bordeaux Technowest (juillet 2020) - incubated since October 2020
Member of La Mêlée (Occitanie)
Member of France Digitale
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Member of French Tech at Bordeaux & Toulouse
Member of Club du Commerce Connecté